Yes, we do. Grocer's sells to companies all over Portugal and can also sell abroad. For further information please email us to Quote for Food Gift Baskets or contact us by phone +351919567974

No, Grocer's does not have a physical store. To be able to buy, you must use the online store at https://grocersfood.com/cabazes-para-oferecer-e-cabazes-de-natal/ and follow purchase procedures. You can collect your order at Grocer’s offices, in Porto, at Rua S. João de Brito, 435 – 2º Dto. You can also order or request a quote by this email Quote for Food Gift Baskets or contact us by phone +351919567974

É muito simples, basta ir aqui https://grocersfood.com/cabazes-para-oferecer-e-cabazes-de-natal/ and choose the reference you prefer, click on the “Buy” button and fill in all the requested details, including the payment method.

For deliveries in mainland Portugal, Grocer’s gives a maximum period of 4 business days from the moment it confirms full payment for the order. For deliveries in the Azores and Madeira islands, the CTT Expresso service may take between 6 to 9 working days, although during festive seasons, such as Christmas, it may take longer. For international deliveries please contact us by email at info@grocersfood.com

Yes, you can. You have an option on the checkout that you must tick if you want to collect your order at our offices free of shipping costs.

Yes, of course, you can! You may have made a mistake, or you may even change your mind after receiving it, but beware, you cannot open the packages or try them on. For the return to be accepted, your order must be in the same condition in which it was sent and you must do so within 14 calendar days after the date of receipt of the order (see a delivery receipt from the carrier or email from Grocer’s). Shipping costs and bank commissions will be your responsibility.

If your order has not been opened, and if it is still within 14 calendar days after the date of receipt, you can send us an email to info@grocersfood.com with the details of your order (not forgetting a phone contact and the method of payment made), indicating the reasons for the return; you must pack it again, with due care so that the return arrives in good condition and nothing breaks. Returns should be sent to Grocer’s – Rua S. João de Brito, 435 – 2º Dto 4100-454 Porto Portugal phone +351 91 9567974

You must send us an email to info@grocersfood.com with all the details of your order, including the payment method made. After receiving your order back, Grocer’s will check that it is in perfect condition and, if so, will refund the same amount paid by the same payment method.

If on receipt of your order you notice any damage, such as liquid spillage, torn cardboard, crushed box, or other visible problem in the outer packaging, please send us a detailed picture. You must always write down this incident to the carrier and you must notify us immediately by email to info@grocersfood.com or by phone at +351 91 9567974. Grocer's will immediately check this and will revert to you as soon as possible,

If your order has any damage that is not related to transport, please send a fully detailed image and contact us by email at info@grocersfood.com or by phone at +351 91 9567974. Grocer's will check the problem and will be happy to refund or replace the product.

Please email us the detailed image(s) to info@grocersfood.com or contact us at +351 91 9567974. We will immediately check the damaged product(s). For this, you must always send us image(s). Grocer’s will refund the value of your order or will immediately replace the damaged product(s). Return shipping costs will be Grocer's responsibility.

Yes, Grocer’s delivers your order to the address you prefer. Attention, you just need someone to be there to receive the order. Please don't forget to include a phone number at the checkout.

Sim, apesar de o site não estar preparado com essa opção, a Grocer’s entrega nos arquipélagos dos Açores e Madeira. Basta enviar um pedido de orçamento pelo email info@grocersfood.com e rapidamente enviaremos o valor do envio. Por favor não se esqueça de mencionar a morada completa e código postal do destino.

Although Grocer's online store does not yet have the system prepared for worldwide deliveries, upon customer request, Grocer's can deliver anywhere in the world. To do this, just contact us by email at info@grocersfood.com and request a quote for delivery to the location and country you want, with the full address, telephone contact, and the reference you want to send; if you approve this quote, you will be able to pay your order and the shipping cost, we will follow it up as soon as the payment is confirmed. The estimated transit time will also be displayed.

No problem: Grocer’s can deliver 10, 20, or 500 gift baskets to 10, 20, or 500 different addresses. Just contact us by email or phone to schedule your deliveries in advance.

After choosing your reference(s), you must select the payment method: Paypal, ATM (only Portugal), Bank Transfer, or Credit Card. Just follow the instructions.

It is not necessary. Just make payment and provide your order details. If you want to register and have a Grocer’s account, you can also do so.

It depends. Another delivery attempt can be made on the next business day. But it can also happen that the parcel returns to the local transport center, awaiting Grocer's instructions. New delivery attempts may be charged to the customer (amount varies from area to area), so we strongly suggest that you always have someone to receive your parcel and that you always provide a phone contact of the destination. Depending on the delivery area, your order will return to our offices in Porto if there is no one on the 2nd or 3rd delivery attempt; Grocer’s will re-deliver and charge a new shipping cost in full.

Yes, you can buy as many as you want. Contact us by email at info@grocersfood.com or by phone at +351 91 9567974 and we'll send you a quote. You will surely have a better selling price.

Yes, every year Grocer’s delivers thousands of gift baskets and gift boxes to Portuguese companies; Grocer's has a vast capacity to assemble, deliver, and distribute gift baskets. Contact us by email at info@grocersfood.com or by phone at +351 91 9567974 to send you a quote.

Yes, you can! Grocer’s can add personalized messages, logotypes or not, individually or in bulk, which may incur an added cost. For more details, contact us before placing your order.

Yes, Grocer’s is always attentive to new products and offers a service tailored to each customer. If you are looking for a different product, contact us by email at info@grocersfood.com or by phone at +351 919567974

Yes, Grocer’s can change anything as you prefer. Any changes to store references may result in different prices and delivery times.

If you have several loose products, we recommend you to include the respective paper bags, selecting the most appropriate sizes, as many as necessary. If you have any questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp +351 91 9567974